Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family Fun, Flames & A Failure

It was birthday celebration time around here again!! This time it was Papa & John. To spice things up a bit I decided to make some mustaches to snap photos with. I thought the boys would make fun of me but instead everybody was game & had a blast with them. Made for some fun pics.

I used my giant cupcake cake pan again. It is just so dang cute. This time I wrapped it in paper like a real cupcake & added a banner.  I am really glad I bought the cake pan (40% off coupon at Michaels)...well worth it!

I tried a few other new things. I love to experiment at our family parties to see what works and what doesn't. I carved the radishes to look like little mushrooms. They remind me of the Mario video game. haha! They were ok but then what do you do with them. Maybe I should have put them in a little jar so they stood up straight. Not sure if this one will ever be repeated.....

The next test was dipping cherries in white chocolate. They worked just fine but they only tasted OK...not wonderful. Honestly I prefer the cherries just plain. So...doubt that one will be offered again either. I would count it as a failure.  But definitely fun to try!

Now you would expect me to say this was a failure but nope...this is just "up in flames"! I saw a recipe online for S'More Pie! My family loves a simple chocolate pudding pie. So I made that with the graham cracker crust and topped it with marshmallows. The idea was to bake it and brown the marshmallows and viola' you have S'More Pie! Well Miss Smartypants here thought it would be quicker to broil the pie and that way the pie wouldn't get warm but the marshmallows would brown. Nope...wrong again!! They caught on fire!! I would have loved a photo of the flames but we were too busy putting them out! You would think I would count this as a failure but it was just too dang funny to be a flop! We laughed for days about the "flaming pie". Well worth the mishap to have some good laughs and fun memories!'s to an awesome birthday party and some really fun memories!! Maybe this will "spark" a new idea for a party favorite!