Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a Look

Just wanted to share another page from my art journal. Mix & match, experiment & sketch. I am having fun trying new things. It is totally relaxing.
Thanks for taking a look.

An Artful Journey

Well here they are hard at work! Class on Saturday was so much fun. It was a small class but the girls really got into journaling. I loved it! Three more people expressing themselves through art journaling. How cool is that!

We made a simple little book to get everyone started. It wasn't elaborate but it was still fun. We painted, stenciled and made ribbon flowers for the front cover.

Inside I had a few journal prompts to break the ice and get the girls started. We only got to the first one....but they still seemed to love it.

There are so many directions you can go with journaling. And I encouraged them to try different styles.

I brought lots of samples, books, magazines and such for them to visually see the many options they had.

I also included print outs full of blog lists, books, magazines & journal prompts to keep them moving on their journey.

How fun is it when you discover something new! Thanks for coming along on the ride was wonderful!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally Finished

A week ago I took a class at Mystic Paper with my good friend Sherry, her daughter Jennifer and grand daughter Sadera. We all had such a good time! First stop before class was TC Eggington's. A favorite of mine! Yummy! Then off to class. Tricia Samsal was teaching this adorable little 7 Gypsies mini book filled with fun mini photos that she printed from her Canon Selphy. What an amazing littler printer. OOoohhhh! I want one! :D So many great features and very easy to use.
We were told to bring along our camera memory card and print out the photos we would use in class. I had no idea what to use. I finally decided on some photos of my dad. Even though many of them were very personal I put them in the little book with sweet memories of my dad and then clipped the book to the 7 Gypsies Receipt Holder. This way I could display the things that I wanted to share and keep the little book closed with the more personal things. It turned out just as I had imagined and I love it!!
Hope you like it too!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Life changing is the only thing I can come up with to describe my journey right now. Dad's services were held this past Saturday and I stepped into the process of getting ready with much trepidation and anxiety. It really is true that you hit all sorts of emotions when someone you love and admire passes on. Hanging on to our faith, the family pushed on and the result was a beautiful service full of laughter, tears, fond memories and promises. We were surrounded by wonderful friends and family and that helped so very much. I am so very grateful for the life my dad led and the faith that he instilled. I am truly blessed.

That isn't the only change going on in my life....letting go seems to be the theme as of late. Whew!! This is tough! The Monday after the services it was time to take my youngest son to ASU. Now I know that it isn't that far away, but is far enough!

They had it running very well on campus...even providing valet style move-in. We pulled up onto the sidewalk, the car was unloaded by a moving crew and Colton's things were in his room by the time we parked and walked up. SO much better than the other times we had to haul everything up to the rooms on our own in the blazing hot summer sun. This was nice!

The dorm he is in is much newer than the other boys had and set up very well. The views were great and I am sure he is going to love it! We had a fun day walking around campus, hitting the bookstore and the dining hall. His brother came along to help and that was huge! His oldest brother showed up that evening too....he has such great brothers!!

Then it came time to leave. I truly wasn't sure I could walk out of that dorm room. It was a big step for all of us. The excitement was high but the knowledge that nothing would ever be the same was there too. We are so very proud of Colton and all he has accomplished and been through over these last few years. To say we are blessed is such an understatement. We are so excited for him!!

OK...last but not least in a totally different direction...another class!
I have another Altered Mini Book Class coming up at Paper Vineyard. I like the way this album turned out and the fun accents that were added. It will be offered Sept 4th! So come in and check it out! Hey...I gotta stay busy somehow, right!

Thanks for letting me share with you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Finding My Path

Here is another page in the Art Journal that I started. I am enjoying the process but still don't completely have the hang of it yet. But that is OK.

I have been trying to find my way again. It is strange all the emotions that come over you. Sometimes they are a bit difficult to process. Just too dang many changes all at once for me. But I am confident that it will all work out. Trying to embrace change and move forward. Rom 8:28 For all things work together for good for those who love the Lord. (paraphrased)

Trying to remember to BREATHE