Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

Enjoy your extra day!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Buried Alive!

This is what it feels like! Actually it looks MUCH BETTER than this but boy it feels like this. I am in the process of organizing paperwork. We all have it! And it hits me most right after taxes are complete. The need to get organized and quit filling the file cabinet & clean it out instead. 

I have some friends that are in the process of moving right now. They are busy cleaning, purging & sorting. It made me think....why not me! So I am "pretending" to move. Taking it room by room & organizing. It is a great feeling when a room is finished.

Here are a few photos to inspire you!

Taken from Pinterest- Photobucket with no source given

Taken from Pinterest via Better Homes & Garden

Pinterest-from this blog

A personal favorite....since my pantry is filled with more utility items than food. Wow! Taken from Pinterest via The Container Store.

And what post on organizing would be complete without showing a beautiful scraproom! Also from Pinterest via Scrapbook.Com Gallery. I am off to keep the momentum going....wish me luck!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little Tweak

Week 4:

We had the graduation party here & I didn't want to do a separate book for that so I included it in my PL book. Same basic format but lots more pics. A few small pages were added too. I really like how it worked out.

It makes for a busy book but it is such a good way to get a lot of photos into one album. This way I will have all of our family things together in one year! This will be a first!! :)

I added some of the decorations from the party & a menu too!

Above & below are small inserts that I added to the book. I plan to punch holes in a page & tie the one below on with ribbons.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Life...Rebooted!

So I know I posted my first pages of Project Life but I was having some problems with them & then I realized that I had squeezed too much onto one page. It just wasn't working well. So I revamped the first week of January & moved on.


Now I have a better system & it looks a bit more cohesive & easier to follow. It reminds me of doing a two page layout where the pages just flow together.  Plus there is a bit more room for all the fun "extras"! :)



I have more finished but will save that for next time.  So far it is a little difficult for me to find things to fill my pages. Not the "fluff" but the photos. I forget to take photos. I still like the process & will keep doing it. But I may tweak it a bit along the you will see in my next post.  ;)   Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Full House

We ended up with a very full house! It was great! We packed everyone inside as the weather just wasn't cooperating. Worked out just fine!

 I had fun with the dessert table: we had "Fear the Fork" cupcakes, Reese's Grad Hats, Cream Puffs, Lemon Cookies, Choc. Macadamia Chip Cookies, Mini Banana Splits, ASU licorice & Choc Dipped Short-bread Cookies!

 I used the same decorations that I had used at my older son's graduation. And I must say it was really nice of Hamilton & ASU to share the maroon colors...made party decorating over the years so much easier! (wink, wink) 

I tried some new recipes that I found on Pinterest...they were wonderful. A Pear & Walnut Salad, fruit kabobs & Asian Grilled Chicken. I even got some of my son's favorite Bean Dip & Salsa from Serranos.  Yummy!! We also had grilled hamburgers, home-baked rolls, spinach & artichoke dip and more! There was plenty of food & lots of talking and laughter! One more party under my belt & one more ASU grad party to go!

 Forgot to show my "wish" tree. This is the tree that we used at the wedding. I hung graduation photos, grad hats, etc & keys to success from it for part of the decor. The backdrop was the graduation cap & gown!