Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Life...Rebooted!

So I know I posted my first pages of Project Life but I was having some problems with them & then I realized that I had squeezed too much onto one page. It just wasn't working well. So I revamped the first week of January & moved on.


Now I have a better system & it looks a bit more cohesive & easier to follow. It reminds me of doing a two page layout where the pages just flow together.  Plus there is a bit more room for all the fun "extras"! :)



I have more finished but will save that for next time.  So far it is a little difficult for me to find things to fill my pages. Not the "fluff" but the photos. I forget to take photos. I still like the process & will keep doing it. But I may tweak it a bit along the way...as you will see in my next post.  ;)   Thanks for stopping by.

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Diana Waite said...

yeah Tina! This is looking FABULOUS--proud of you for making it yours!! :)