Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking Back

Strolling through some blogs this morning I found on Ali Edwards blog a note about our "word" for the year. She challenged us to look back at the word we chose and see where we are today. Here is the post that refers to my word. Trust. Looking back so far this year at this word is a little daunting still. Our family has been through so very much and I can say with a thankful heart that our prayers have been answered. The unknowns are still out there, but they always will be. I feel good about the word I chose but know that this is a word that will challenge me forever. Being the control freak that I am, I constantly want to take back the things that I have previously given up to God. So for me it will always be a battle to let it go, and let it go for good. But that's OK. It is all part of the process. And I trust God to take me through every part of this. After all He knows me best.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sneak Peek

Time for a sneak peek! I am busy creating a new class at Paper Vineyard. It will be a fun little banner to use at any family celebration. Then there's a will turn into a mini book after the party is over. How cool is that! I love the idea and hope that I can translate it well into the project. So far, so good. I do love my is so much fun.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catching Up

What a week it has been! I haven't had a moment to post. First off...class on Saturday was great! We had a small class but everyone had a good time and the wall hangings turned out wonderful. That's what counts. Very happy about that.

On another dad went back into the hospital this week. It has been a long, challenging week. Some ups and some downs. Father's Day was spent at the hospital. But good news...he is coming home today! We are praying that he and my mom get the medical help that they need during this process.

Another "good news" doctor appointment for my son! Yahoo! Great for Colton. We are so thankful. This has been a long year for him and things are going so well. We are grateful for everyone's prayers.

So...hoping that this week brings a little more "boring". That's OK to ask for, right?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


They are both finished! I recently gave away a couple necklaces to Diana and to Sherry. Here they are girls. They will be on their way to your homes tomorrow. I truly hope you enjoy them! They were fun to make. Thanks for sticking by me and following this blog. I appreciate it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Final Vinyl

Here are a couple shots of the play last night. They are a bit blurry but this is all I have right now. It was written by Kevin Frei and totally funded by him. They did an amazing job with the set, the singing, dancing, and even all the memorabilia that they had available. Most of the kids were from Hamilton and this was a great opportunity for them. So glad that my son tried out and participated in it. This is something he will never forget. It was definitely special for my husband and I to see....we Wisharts just don't sing and dance, so to see my son do this was so much fun. Again...hats off to everyone! They did an amazing job! Check more out at the link below.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weddings, Beeswax & Ghosts.....Oh My!

Last night a small group met at Mystic Paper to share art ideas and play around with beeswax. It turned out to be a night of some WILD stories, the sounds of ghosts and some beeswax fun. Kim brought some small wood pieces for us to use. Mike had the beeswax warmed up and ready to go. The images that were being created were beautiful. Stamping, perfect pearls, painting, even a new transfer technique. The time flew by and before we knew it we had to pack up.
Thanks everyone for letting me join in your Friday night fun! I had a great time, met some new people and thoroughly enjoyed the stories!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Americana Wall Hanging

Here is a shot of the project I just completed for Paper Vineyard. I also want to give credit to Kim Hesson. She is the one that made the adorable wooden hearts. She does amazing wood cut-outs that we continue to use in our projects at the store. Just so many to choose from! The class will be next Saturday the 20th. We will paint, drill, stitch, sand, etc. It doesn't show in the photos, but there are two stuffed & stitched hearts hanging from the handle. Should be lots of fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the Winners are....

What a fun post it was yesterday. I had a good time celebrating my 100th. As I said before I don't have many followers, but that's ok...cause the ones I do have are so awesome. SO....Sherry & Diana
you are both winners! I will get in touch with you and let you choose which type of necklace you would like.
Here's to 100 more posts!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

100th Post! And a giveaway!

Ok...gonna give this a try. With so many photos sometimes I can't get blogger to arrange it very well.

I can't believe I made it to my 100th post!
So the first two photos are layouts that I did for Paper Vineyard. Every Monday we are giving away 10 layouts to the first 10 customers that spend $10. Pretty cool. Then the second page is available to purchase for $5. Sweet deal.

The next photos are from my class at Paper Vineyard last Saturday. It was the Adore Butterfly Mini-Book. What a fun class! We sold out all 10 spots! Yahoo! I didn't realize how many tiny pieces there were to this project until I started assembling the kits. Oh my. But we made it through and the gals loved it. They each walked out with a totally completed book. No problems. Gotta love that. :)

And finally the last photos are of the graduation party this past Sunday. We kept the party small...just family and a couple friends. It was so much fun decorating for the party. Lucky for me Hamilton and ASU share common colors so I had quite a few things leftover from previous grad parties. We ordered Joe's BBQ (one of our family's favorites), baked some wonderful rolls that we got at Sams Club (they were yummy), tons of fruit & veggies, potato salad, my son's favorite strawberry pretzel salad, corn on the cob, chips, etc. I had a dessert table set up with pies, brownies, mini cheesecakes and graduation hats that I made. The grad hats were so much fun to put together. Reeses cup, hershey bar, m & m and some red licorice...a tiny bit of chocolate frosting to hold it all together and voila'.
I also set up a table with ASU items, graduation book, photos, awards, cap & gown, etc.

Everyone had a great time and the weather could not have been better. My son brought the new puppy. Cannot believe how much Dexter ran around that day. He even got in the pool and swam. Finally toward the end he just dropped....absolutely wiped out. Too cute!

So I have been putting off posting for a few days now trying to figure out what to do for my 100th post. I really don't have many followers so doing something big seemed silly. But still...who doesn't love a giveaway, right! So leave a comment and I will randomly pick a winner to receive your choice of either a washer necklace like the one I made for my future daughter-in-law or a scrabble tile necklace. Good Luck and thanks for sharing in this fun blogging journey!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From the Garden

These beauties are from my husband's garden. Aren't they pretty! I am really enjoying them. I think there are some red ones coming out soon.

So our internet is FINALLY up and running again. I have missed it sooooo much! Really kind of silly how much you get used to having something. But it was also the only way for us to keep in touch with my son in Macedonia. Plus we were monitoring his bank account for the trip too ....of course online so that was a pain. I had to go to a friend's house or work everyday to check. But we made it through. And all is well.

My dad came home from the hospital today and that is a huge praise! It was a long, rough weekend. But he is much better and my mom couldn't be happier to have him back home.

Only one day of school left. Yahoo!! I am so ready for summer! And I know my son is too. So crazy to think he will be a senior. Wow...time flies.

Just wanted to catch up a bit. Enjoy your week!