Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From the Garden

These beauties are from my husband's garden. Aren't they pretty! I am really enjoying them. I think there are some red ones coming out soon.

So our internet is FINALLY up and running again. I have missed it sooooo much! Really kind of silly how much you get used to having something. But it was also the only way for us to keep in touch with my son in Macedonia. Plus we were monitoring his bank account for the trip too ....of course online so that was a pain. I had to go to a friend's house or work everyday to check. But we made it through. And all is well.

My dad came home from the hospital today and that is a huge praise! It was a long, rough weekend. But he is much better and my mom couldn't be happier to have him back home.

Only one day of school left. Yahoo!! I am so ready for summer! And I know my son is too. So crazy to think he will be a senior. Wow...time flies.

Just wanted to catch up a bit. Enjoy your week!

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