Thursday, October 2, 2008


Getting ready to watch the debate tonight. No matter what your political view-this year is such an important year to cast your vote. Remember the cut off for voter registration is Oct 6th to still be able to vote in this presidential election. Registering online is quick and easy.
America is still the best place on earth to live. Let your voice be heard....get out and vote!


Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Welcome to the world of blogging.
I just stumbled upon your blog and couldn't resist leaving you a comment, as we share the same name! I've never met another person with my name before and I just couldn't let that pass. Oh, and guess what, it seems we have more in common than just our name - I love crafting too. I mainly knit, but have covered just about all crafts over the years. How funny!

Tina Wishart said...

Thank you! How cool is it that we share the same name and the same interests. I am so glad that you stopped to take the time to write!
I feel a little out of my element with blogging but hope to learn more and get the hang of it. It sure is fun so far. I hope to talk to you again soon.