Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cleaning It Up & A Tour

Finally got some work done in my scraproom. I had been stockpiling things & it was just a mess. I desperately needed to clean it out & reorganize. It took awhile but boy was it worth it! I love the result. Above is a view as you walk into the room.

This is where my son usually sits to do his homework. I originally worked on this side until we added the new computer (which doesn't work any better than the old one- but that's another post). grrr!

This bookcase was brought in from my son's closet. It was mine when I was little and has definitely served its purpose throughout the years. As you will see below my husband organized my closets for me when we first converted this room and it is awesome but I found that I had to get up a lot to go get supplies that I used frequently. So I pulled this bookcase in for just that. Works great so far. I may end up tweaking things a bit, but for now I like it.

We have a large chair in this room too that used to belong to Waylon Jennings. I used to work for Waylon and Jessi. She gave the chair to me after Waylon died. It has very special meaning to me. Love to sit in it together to watch TV.
Hope you enjoyed the little tour!

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