Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whirling & Twirling

So like my head right now...whirling and twirling with ideas, I am sure this post will skip from one thing to another. But that's OK. :) Starting off...we had an impromptu class on Thursday for 4 ladies that were interested in the Vintage Valentine wall hanging but couldn't make it on Feb 13th. The two lovely ladies in the photo are Cindy & her sister Jodean. Two wonderful women that I have met through working at PV. They are about as sweet as they come. Also in class was Lois, who didn't want her photo taken, but trust me, did a great job on her project. Lois is a favorite at PV. :) And lastly we had Melissa. She was new to PV and I think she really enjoyed herself. She completed her project and seemed to love the process. We are so glad she found us and are looking forward to having her back.

The photo above is of just a couple of the robins that visited our yard the other night. It was so cool. My husband and I were sitting out back by the pool when we noticed some robins...then a few more and a few more. Before we knew it our yard was literally full of big, fat red robins. We just never see those here. It was quite a treat. I am sure they were on their way somewhere, hopefully not back to the midwest just yet as they will be sorely disappointed since it is still so dang cold there.
But we enjoyed having them visit that is for sure!

The next photo is of the new path that now leads from the driveway to the back patio. We didn't really think that we would be finishing that before the wedding. But we were surprised by our neighbor who brought us all the flagstone from up north the other day...what a great surprise! My husband and son worked on it last Sunday and I think they did a wonderful job. Looks great!

The photos above and below were taken from the internet during one of my many sessions of cruising for ideas. With a backyard wedding quickly approaching my mind is full of ideas. It is just so much fun!!

Lastly, this photo includes a few ideas we are tossing around for decorations. So with so much to do today I am off and running. Meeting with my future daughter-in-law to print invitations. How cool is that!!! Enjoy your Saturday!

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Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

I love all your ideas for the wedding theme and wish I could pop over and lend a hand, if needed. I can't wait to see what colours etc. you end up with. Good luck. :)