Monday, January 31, 2011

So Blessed

This past Saturday 10 women gathered at my home to take a class. Oh my goodness! We had such a good time. I am truly blessed!
Getting ready for the class. As usual there were lots of pieces in the kit. I can't seem to help it. haha

Cupcakes with a "Home & Family" theme. At least that was what I was going for. :)
Kits & name tags below. The name tags are made out of canvas and intended to be added to the book when the day was over.

The set up for the ladies & some of the food. One suggestion was made that I should serve that's a good idea! ;)

The girls hard at work. :)
Below is the front cover of the project. We made it through the stations that I had set up and all that was left at the end of class was to tie the book together & add photos. Wahoo!

Sherry, Myself & Amanda!

Sharon, Myself & Chelsea

I hope all the gals had as much fun as I did that day! Lots of creating & good friends...I am truly blessed!


FitterTwit said...

The pics are great! I miss your smiling face! :)

Diana Waite said...

Tina this looks AWESOME! And looks like you had a GREAT time! :)

Tina said...

Thanks guys! It was lots of fun!