Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Little Summer Fun Just Feels Right

Road trip!!!  Very spur of the moment road trip with a great friend. We headed to California to visit another friend and her girls while they were puppy-sitting for her brother. On the boardwalk one afternoon we stopped to take pics and much to our surprise these Navy guys jumped in! Definitely old enough to be our sons but quite a hoot just the same. The middle one was so shy and jumped a little when I put my hands on his shoulders. Didn't mean anything by it just wanted to pose for the photo. Too funny!!!

Here is the little sweetheart that we were puppy-sitting. It was really difficult not to bring her home with me. She was only 9 weeks old and such a good girl. Very well behaved and just so dang cute!!

We had a great time while in San Diego! So glad we jumped at the chance to take a road trip!!

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