Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eat Pie

I recently saw on Pinterest a post of a sign like this one. I knew I had old wood that I could use to create it. So I grabbed a few pieces and got started.

The cool story of the wood that I used is where I got it. Before the school was built across the street and before the surrounding housing developments went in there was nothing but a field. Well a field and an old workers home. When they started to prepare for the houses & school they began tearing up the land. Which also meant down came the old building. The man running the tractor thought I was crazy asking for all the old wood & the front door. I knew one day I would use it. I have a mirror in my house that I have used the wood for among a few other projects. And now I can add this project to the list.

I love the way it turned out & it will be a fun addition to my Thanksgiving decorations! Happy Turkey Day everyone!!

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