Sunday, December 14, 2008

So Far So Good

Spent the day shopping and getting ready for Christmas. Things are going so well. Did a lot of shopping online this year...boy do I love that! Picked up a few other things and only have a couple to go. Yahoo.
Papa Wish got back from Belize last night so Monty is at home. He was such a good boy this time around. (thank goodness) Last time...not so much. But since he is gone it also means we can put up our tree and a few more decorations. Didn't want to test it when he was here. :) In the above photo-Monty is the one on the left.

This evening I have been trying to teach myself some digital scrapbooking. I am just not very good at it. I get so dang frustrated. I want to learn so badly. Thinking of taking an online class. Not sure yet...hate to waste my money if I can't catch on. haha If anyone has any good tips or books they have used, I am open to any suggestions.

Still not sure about Christmas cards this year. Finding it hard to get everyone together for a photo and time is running short. I have never skipped a year so I guess it would be OK. Or I may give into the pressure and just send them late. Not sure yet. But not worried that a bad thing???

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