Sunday, November 8, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Yesterday I taught the Thanksgiving ATC class at Paper Vineyard. The class was small but lots of fun. The ladies finished in record time and walked out with completed projects. Yahoo!!

Next is the Christmas "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" ATC class. It will be held on Dec 5th from 10-2. Looking forward to this one too. Although that means we are that much closer to Christmas. Just so hard to believe. I don't know why I am surprised each year when it creeps up on me. It is the same time each year, right. So I should be prepared. No....I am not. But that is OK. It always comes together. :) I am one step ahead with my Christmas family photos taken and chosen. That is a big step right there. Last year was the first year in probably 24 yrs that I did not send out Christmas cards. We had so many family things going on with my dad and with my son that I just couldn't bring myself to try to explain it all or feel very cheerful. So I am looking forward to this year with lots of gratitude in my heart.

Again this last week has been a crazy one. My middle son called Friday night to tell us that he had been rear ended on the freeway. So thankful that everyone was OK. There were 5 cars involved and he was right in the middle. Just sandwiched in and crunched from both sides. Poor kid. The on ramp at the particular location is under construction and you have about 2 car lengths to merge or you come to a dead stop. That is what happened. The first car stopped, the second car stopped and then my son stopped...followed by the fourth car that hit them all. Then a second accident happened when a 5th car hit them all again. The last two cars are the ones that received the tickets. So my son didn't do anything wrong. That is a relief. But we do feel bad for the poor girl stuck in a very bad situation. The city just needs to close that on ramp until the work is complete. Just too dangerous. Overall we are grateful that no one was hurt. So begins the process of replacing a car that he had for only 2 months!

So...on to another week and I am praying for boring. That's OK, right! :)
Happy Sunday!

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Diana said...

CUTE project--you'll be FANTASTIC! I'm so glad that your son is okay!--how scarey!