Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going Green!!

Yesterday we had a fun class at Paper Vineyard called "Lucky Me". It was a 'green' mini book using recycled materials. I had two ladies in the class and quite a few kits going out. As it usually goes for my classes, we went over the allotted time. But the gals left with their books complete. (maybe next time I will add an hour to my class time) :P

The accordion style book is made out of cardboard, cereal boxes and some scrapbook paper. The other items that I used to make the embellishments include zippers, soda cans, Starbucks cozy, newspapers, magazines, thin cardboard, old jeans, snaps, old hymnals and more. I had a ball putting the book together. I love to use out of the ordinary things to create with. My thought was to use the little book as a reminder of all the things in our lives that we are lucky to have...our friends, our family, etc. There is plenty of room for jou
rnaling and photos.

Thanks to Karen and Erika for a fun afternoon crafting!

Hope this encourages others to look around and see something out of the ordinary
to scrapbook with! Enjoy!

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