Sunday, June 27, 2010

Class Time

Yesterday was class time again at Paper Vineyard. I had a small class but what a fun one! Some of my very favorite PV ladies were there! We made a Family Canvas display. Here are a few photos of the ladies hard at work. Below is Sherry & Colleen.

Next up is Rose Marie... she hadn't done some of the techniques before and I think she really liked it.

Below are a couple photos of Colleen's finished product!! How fun! Didn't it turn out great!

And one of my favorite taking a photo of Jean taking a photo of me! For the other side you can visit her blog here. :)

The day finished out with a fun dinner with my family. Always great when I get to spend time with my boys and the girls!! We went to Bass Pro Shop and ate at their fish food restaurant. It was delicious. And of course we laughed and laughed. Telling stories and cracking jokes. It was a fun evening. Even the waitress got in on the act...making jokes herself. She was funny! :)
With a quick "puppy fix" at my son's house we were on our way home. Now that's a fun day!!


sherry said...

Too funny I must have been posting on my blog while you were posting. Thanks again for a fun afternoon

tainted with a positive view said...

I'm with Sherry - I must have been blogging while you were blogging - Great photos!