Friday, June 18, 2010

Totally Unrelated & Full of Possibilities

So this is the newest addition to our son and daughter-in-law got a new puppy! Isn't she beautiful! Her name is Maya. We are in love! Look at those blue eyes!! Wow
Next up is the graduation party for my youngest son. So much has been going on so quickly around here. It has been crazy busy and so much fun!

Tried to pull things out to represent his high school years...makes me realize again what an awesome kid he is. This fall when he heads to ASU is going to be so difficult. We are excited for all the possibilities that are ahead of him but boy not having him at home will be rough. Trying to stay focused on the good stuff ahead for him! :)

Here he is posing with his brothers diploma...yup...they ran out at the ceremony. Pretty funny actually. We just picked up his the next day so not a big deal.
So now our wall is complete with 3 graduation photos! Wow...that is just hard to believe! Where did the time go??
OK...just had to throw this one in too! These are my friends from high school. Are they not gorgeous! Inside and Out!!! What wonderful friends I have been blessed with. We have all kept in touch through the years and I cherish their friendships. We are still some crazy girls...
Kris was here from Wyoming so a bunch of us got together and celebrated. We even had a slumber party and stayed up until 3:30 am! Haven't done that in a while..haha.
So lastly I want to share a quote that I received from my friend Jean this week. It was in a scrapbook that she put together (which is beautiful I might add). I think it is a great motto to live by!

Cherish Yesterday
Dream Tomorrow
Live Like Crazy Today!!!


tainted with a positive view said...

Love the puppy - their lives will never be the same. I just love my little dogs. And... thanks so much for giving me credit of the quote - It was one of my very first stamps purchased back in the mid '90s - yep, I'm that old.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
eeekkkk what a cute puppy!!!
i just had a daughter graduate this year too.
it goes by so fast, i can't believe it. hope all is well