Friday, December 2, 2011

Fireplace Decorations

This fireplace is done very simply yet it looks so good! Found on Houzz


Wow...what about this one! A bit more dramatic but not really difficult. It really does say "Christmas Party" doesn't it! From Living Room Decorating.

Back to a simpler life in this photo. A lot of outdoor elements were brought inside to decorate this fireplace. Doesn't it look inviting! This display was found on The Enchanted Home

A white Christmas mixing the traditional and a little bit of modern together. I love how the greenery pops. Found on Camilla at Home

This one was found on Pinterest & unfortunately not given credit. It really is beautiful though!!

 And of course I had to throw this one in! Does anyone remember these? I sure do. We had one when I was little. And you can still own one....check this out!

Merry Christmas & Happy Decorating!!

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