Sunday, January 15, 2012


Surprising myself, I actually finished our vacation album that I have been working on for ....well let's just say...a long time. I love the way it turned out & love all the goodies that I packed into it. Feels good to have it completed.

And below is my first attempt at Project Life. Still not sure exactly where I am going with it and it may change as I go...but that's OK. Just the fact that I got the first week finished is HUGE!

I have not done a title page yet but I will. And I am currently working on my second week. Wow! It is really fun to create & I am sure as I go it will get easier and easier to pull it all together. Some weeks will be a bit more exciting than others but that is life, right! The point is to get it all down on paper. There is a lot of inspiration out there! I love seeing all the pages that everyone is creating. Good luck to all of you that are tackling this project too! We can do it!!


Diana Waite said...

yeah for Tina! Way to finish an album and start another! :)

Tina said...

Only took me over a year Diana....I wouldn't cheer too loudly. hahaha :)