Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am still trying to come to grips with the fact that a new year is upon us. The Christmas holiday this year was a hectic one and I don't feel like I got to close out the old year quite like I would have liked. That doesn't mean it wasn't a wonderful Christmas spent with my family! It was!! Anytime my boys are here with us, it is special. And the fact that my dad was feeling so good helped too. Christmas Eve was spent at church and then home for a big dinner and games. A family tradition. Then Christmas day family gathered at my parents house. We were so grateful that dad felt good enough to join in all the festivities. All in complaints here.

The hectic part comes in with all the preparations being made for my parents move to an assisted living facility. Once this is finalized I know they will be so much happier and more relaxed. Able to enjoy themselves so much more. No more pins and needles and constant worry. It is the transition that is hard. So that is what I would have liked to wrap up before the year end. But God knows the right timing and I am praying things fall into place soon. Guess I will have to fall back on my 2009 Word: Trust! :)

So there are a lot of exciting things going on this year at Paper Vineyard. To start off we have had a great response to my upcoming class this Saturday. I am so excited to teach it. We are going to try to access a new teaching tool ....hoping we can make that work. I will let you know. Below is a photo of the project I will be teaching.

The following Saturday I will be taking a class at Mystic Paper. It is a soldering class with Josie. I have been wanting to take a class from her for quite some time. I am so excited! I have heard such good things about her teaching style and all that we will learn. It is always fun to expand your knowledge and have a little fun in the process. I will post what I make after the 16th. How fun!!

Well...I have pondered my "One Little Word" for the year. I think I am going with CALM! There are so many changes coming this year in my life....moving my parents, my oldest son's wedding at our home, another mission trip for my middle son to South Africa, my youngest graduating high school and then going off to college, which means...empty nest! So I think that CALM is what I need to strive for. And of course mixing in a bit of last years word..TRUST. You just can never let that one go. :) So I am "trusting" Jesus to keep me "calm" this year in all that I know is coming and all that I can't foresee. After all He doesn't call us to worry but to put our faith in Him and BELIEVE! Here's to a great 2010!!!

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