Sunday, May 16, 2010

Collage Fun!

Class at Mystic Paper today was amazing! Claudine Hellmuth taught her Collage Discovery Workshop. We dove right in to working on our backgrounds. Different techniques were taught and we were encouraged try everything. And lots of it...

We learned peeling paper backgrounds, petroleum jelly peeling paint techniques and transfer methods. I loved it!

She even took time out to pose for photos and sign her book.

Below is one of the collages that I did. It is a work in progress (I got brave and put it on here anyway.) I have already changed it a bit from when this photo was taken but you get the idea. I plan on adding lots more to it. This had the collage beneath and the peeled paint technique on top.

This is another background that I started. Again, not finished but moving along. There is a contact paper transfer on here and the peeling paper technique was used.
And lastly the bird collage. The peeling paper technique was used on this also. I have more to add to all of these but the process was so much fun. And I came home covered in paint! I always say it's not a good class unless you get a little messy!!


Diana said...

wow, this looks like fun! GREAT job Tina!

Adriana said...

Your artwork is beautiful! Looks like a great time.