Monday, May 24, 2010

Party Girl

It is party time again!! And you know how much I love a party! This time it was in celebration of all 3 of my boy's birthdays. Since they are all growing up way too quickly for my liking I decided to go a little old school. You can't tell here but those are little planes and robots on the cupcake papers, the tables had retro candy on them and I even made the boys wear cute little glasses while they opened their "little boy" cards. Weird...I know, but they all went along with it. I admit I am having trouble facing the fact that they will all be out of the house very soon. :(

Here are the girls!!! :)

Mom & Dad (dad is 92 and we were so glad that he was able to come to the party!)

Christine & Logan

My Aunt & Uncle (sorry about the eyes U. Frank)

Our good friends the Davenports

My Aunt Carol, John, U. Frank & Papa Wish...oh and Tiny!

My brother & neice

And me with my boys!

There was plenty of food and fun!

Then afterwards I found them all watching videos from when the boys were little. Warmed my heart! What a great day!

Thanks for sharing!

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Diana said...

Tina what a GREAT idea to go retro! you look so cute with your boys!