Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The rehearsal dinner was held at a little Italian restaurant close by. The kids had gone there for lunch during their senior year in high all the wedding party had fond memories of the place. And being the crazy person that I am I just couldn't resist decorating the restaurant too! Luckily the people there told me to go for it and let me do whatever I wanted. wahoo! So...since sunflowers were her wedding flower that is where I started. It was lots of fun making the little favors and of course the giant pom poms that hung from the ceiling. It all came together pretty well. I am sure I could have done more but this worked. And the kids were surprised. They loved that was all that mattered.

The favors were a little corny but hey...if you can't be mushy at a wedding...

I am very happy with the end result. Plus the added bonus-everyone could take them home and plant the flowers and have a tangible memory of the event. Pretty cool!
So the wedding festivities were off to a great start. Amazing that the day had finally arrived after so much preparation. Wahoo!!!

(I promise to add more wedding shots soon!)

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