Friday, December 31, 2010

Inspired by Two

The week before Christmas I was so lucky to be able to meet two artists from two of my favorite blogs. The first was Samie Kira. I can't even tell you how long I have been following her blog. I referred to it when I taught my Artist Journal class at the scrapbook store. I love her work and all the gorgeous colors that she uses in her projects.

She works frequently with Robin-Marie on "Points of Two". They come up with amazing prompts for art journaling with beautiful examples of their own projects. All of Samie Kira's work is very thoughtful and she never hesitates to share with her readers. Just look at the one below...amazing!

Recently she made the move across country to right here in Arizona! I welcomed her to Tempe with a little note and we started writing back and forth. We agreed to meet and when she mentioned she was going to Dawn's book signing I jumped at the chance to meet them both! I was so excited!

That brings us to the next artist...Dawn DeVries Sokol. I love her blog! I also referred to her blog and her books when I taught my class. She does some amazing doodles. The above book is her newest one and the one that the book signing was for. Below is the book that she put together of artist journal pages. This book is one of my favorites! It is full of inspiration and beauty.

The above photo is from her blog and is a taste of things to come in 2011. I absolutely love the colors and doodling on this one. I am sure she will have some amazing things coming in 2011. I am just so thrilled that I had the chance to meet her!

It is always fun to meet people that inspire you! Thanks for a wonderful evening and the chance to meet you both and start getting to know you. And thanks for the inspiration that you give us all.

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