Monday, December 13, 2010

Party Time...I mean Class Time!

Everything was set and ready to go. My first ever "in home" class was about to start. I had been approached by a good friend Sherry about holding a class in my home for some ladies that she worked with. They were new to scrapbooking and interested in learning. So the idea was born. I had planned a layout and a mini book.

I was so excited to combine two of my favorite things....scrapbooking and having a party! What could be better! Since it is the Christmas season I included a little gift for everyone. It was just a simple ornament that you could also tuck a gift card into and give away.

Sherry & Amanda!

Cindy & Colleen!

Sharon & Lea Anne!

We missed Jean, who was sick and Amanda who had to attend traffic school..but they both are getting the kit. :) A big thank you to all the amazing ladies for such a fun class! I am looking forward to doing it again very soon!

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