Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sharing Art

Last night was the Art Group get-together. What fun it was!! Dina Wakley organizes it all!
There are such fun and talented ladies that attend! I am absolutely thrilled to be included.

Samantha Kira and I rode over together again & I always enjoy chatting about the art world with her. Of course Dina was there along with two special guests...Jaime from Crafters Workshop. And also the talented Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

Samie Kira and I sat with Penney and April and April's adorable 7 week old baby boy Dylan. Oh my goodness he was cute! And he seemed to love being there...he was so good all evening long. Penney does some amazing journals too...check her out!
April was carving some stamps...they turned out great!

At the table behind us was Kay, Karla, Krista and Julie K. Kay & Karla both do amazing watercolor work! Wow! They are taking some online classes and their journals were just gorgeous! I didn't get a chance to talk much with Julie K, she was working on some sketches. And Krista was working with her copics. She is a Rep in the Valley and so I knew her from my previous job. She was always the enthusiastic Rep that followed through with her ideas. Love that!

And of course I have to throw in the pic with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. It was so nice to meet her and watch her work. She was extremely nice and you can tell she just loves what she does!
Thanks for a wonderful evening ladies!!!


Penney said...

Tina: It was so nice to sit with you and chat. I love your canvas, please post when you finish!

Diana Waite said...

sounds like fun! and I agree post your creation please.

milkcan said...

Awesome pics! So nice to meet you and hang out with so many like minded gals!!!