Sunday, April 10, 2011

Repurpose & Reuse!

Remember this frame? It is the display that I made a year ago (wow...has it been that long already!) for my son's wedding here at our home. The wedding was held outside so there was no means to show a video. This is the option I came up with for sharing their photos.

And here it is now!

I decided to change it up and reuse it. After all it was a great big frame. Why waste it. I spray painted the frame and then added chalkboard paint to the background. I love it! It is a fun way to leave notes.

I do have to say that I used the chalkboard spray paint and I was not thrilled with that. If I do another project I will try the actual paint so I can compare them.

So far I have changed quite a few of the items from the wedding to everyday items in my home. How fun is that!

Here are a few more:

See the centerpiece...inside the bowl is a flower frog. Those along with the votives and the little white cups the bridesmaids decorated their house with got changed to this:

I spray painted the frogs platinum, added jewels and used them for place cards on my Thanksgiving day table. The little cups were filled with nuts, candy and goodies for snacking on before dinner and the votives...well who can't reuse votives, right.

And finally I used this "wish tree" that I made for the wedding...

To create this:

It's all for fun! Look around and see what you can repurpose in your home. You might surprise yourself! :)

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Diana Waite said...

Tina you ROCK! So inspiring that you found so many uses for your fun things.