Monday, March 28, 2011


Friday night my husband and I attended a surprise party for our good friend's daughter. She was turning 18! Having just returned from a trip to Italy I thought a mini book for her would be a perfect gift. I decided to try something different. Not new...but new for me. An Explosion Book or Squash Book it's sometimes called.

I have seen them done before but never tried it myself. So off to the internet I went to figure out how to make it. It really isn't difficult... just a little origami folding, some glue and you are good to go. :D

It was fun to put together. I had taken some photos off of Natalie's facebook page to add to the book. I did have to guess a little on which ones to use but figured if
she had put them on FB then they must be some of her favorites.

It came together pretty quickly. I added the embellishments and it was complete!

I didn't even go to Italy and I wanted to keep the book! haha I was so pleased with the way it turned out. I could hardly wait to give it to her.

The surprise party was a success and so was the mini book. Wahoo!! It was fun to learn a new technique and share it.

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Diana Waite said...

Such a thoughtful gift--AWESOME!!