Thursday, March 24, 2011


This week brought totally unexpected heartbreak! On Tuesday we lost our family dog Cooper. He was a very special dog! A rescue pup that came covered in tar, ticks & mange, but our family fell in love with him in an instant! He just had that special something. And talk about dispelling the myth of! This guy was a sweetheart!

He loved everyone and everyone loved him. Good natured, very well behaved and just always ready to play or give you some love. He was a character. It is hard to explain but he was that one dog in a lifetime that attached to your heart and pulled you in. I am so grateful that we were all with him at the end. Tearfully saying our goodbyes along with his vet that hugged, cried and grieved with us. We know that he will always hold that special place in our hearts. We love you Coop!

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Diana Waite said...

I'm so SORRY about your doggie loss. Brings back memories of my special dog that passed away 4 years ago, STILL brings tears to my eyes. Sending you a hug.