Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Little Birthday Fun!

This weekend we had a combined birthday celebration for my boys! Sometimes parties come together quickly and easily and other times they are a little harder to pull together. This one took a little effort. :D But in the end it was a blast!! Wahoo!

These are a cute little idea that I found online. Chocolate dipping sauce from the fruit section of the grocery store & a microwave...you are ready to go. Dip the marshmallows into the chocolate & roll in crushed graham crackers. Smores on a stick! So cute and really delicious! I will definitely do this one again.

The nice part about having parties in the summertime is all the fresh fruit available. Yum! We also purchased BBQ Pulled Pork from Joe's Real BBQ a favorite around here! I put together small sandwiches with some bake & serve rolls from Sams Club..oh they are delicious. Lots of side dishes and of course the boys favorite Pretzel Salad. And you have a party!

This is the dessert table. We had cake, the Smores, zucchini bread ( gift from our neighbor) and wonderful cherry cinnamon rolls that my daughter-in-law made. I also served rootbeer floats. That was a hit! Who doesn't love a rootbeer float! Serve them in cute little mason jars...even better! So fun!

I found a cake pan at Michaels that I fell in love with. So with coupon in hand, off I went to buy it! So worth it! Such a fun little pan to use for parties. It says on the packaging that it requires 1 cake mix but I recommend 1 1/2 as the top section didn't quite fill completely. (I hid that part with frosting) ;) When you are finished you have an oversized cupcake! So cute!

Oh and I used my little upcycled candle holder to display the giant cupcake! I purchased it at a consignment shop for $6 and hung some crystals on it. I want to add a little more to it but that will come with time. I do love it! I plan on using some of these ideas again at other parties.

We ended the party with some swimming! It was such a nice day spent with family celebrating my boys! So worth the extra effort it took! I love my family!!!

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