Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Would you like fries with that?

Father's Day this year was pretty low key. Just perfect actually!
At the last minute I decided to try these cute little burgers & fries that I saw online at bakerella. The ingredients looked pretty simple so I thought....hey, why not give it a try. :) And it worked! I am so excited that they turned out!

I set the table in the usual Father's Day theme...tools. I have done this for years and I really like it.

This year I added the cute little coffee cans that belonged to my dad. He kept them in the storeroom full of nails, etc. It just made me smile to set them on the table. Of course flowers from John's garden finished it all off!!

Just another shot of the surprise dessert. My husband thought it was actually a hamburger in there. haha Actually it is a yellow cupcake, brownie, frosting & sugar cookies! So happy that it worked!!! Still smiling. :D

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Diana Waite said...

Tina that is SO Clever!! love it!