Sunday, June 26, 2011

My next adventure....

is going to be making some of these!

I went with some friends out to dinner the other night and then to a little "Grand Opening". (more of that in a minute) At the Open House they served some yummy food...and all of it was displayed in such an adorable fashion! I loved it. We tried the little pies on a stick or pie pops. They were delicious and looked pretty simple to make. Definitely on my next party list.

They also made the little cakes in mason jars. This has been on my party to-do list since the rootbeer floats that I made for the birthday party. I was thinking strawberry shortcake, but really the sky is the limit. You could layer any type of cake in the little jars & display them in such a cute way.

So the little "Grand Opening" that we attended was for Urban & Ivy She had some really cute jewelry on display. She uses lots of different colored stones & wire. She is just getting her website up and there will be more added as time goes on. She is young and has quite the entrepreneurial spirit. I am sure she will be successful!

All in all it was a fun evening!!

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