Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Look at the yummy things we found in the garden! Yes, they taste as good as they look....even better. (they might look better if I knew anything about the photoshop program I got recently)...LOL
We are definitely enjoying the fruit.

Thanks again to Emily at chatting at the sky. Yesterday's post may not have been exactly what she was going for when she asked for hidden moments of joy in our day. Most others were short and sweet. And for some reason I doubted my post many times throughout the day. Why do we do that? When it comes from the heart, how can it be wrong. But I forced myself to leave it up and move on. :)
Hope you are having a great day! Hoping to get more crafty things on here soon.

(forgot to mention that we have heard from my son a few times via email & he is having a great time. yahoo)

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sherry said...

Yummy. Looks pretty good to me.
Thanks for the site from yesterday. Don't doubt yourself:)