Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Candy Creations!

It is Homecoming time once again and a good friend has a daughter going. The theme is "Canyland". What a great idea! So she came over today and we created candy corsages and boutonnieres.

Look how cute they turned out! The one above is for her daughter. She is wearing a zebra strip dress with hot pink trim. And of course black and white converse. How cute will this be on her wrist!

The next one is an option for her date. We tried a few different ideas.

This one is for her friend....her dress is yellow.

This last one is another option for her date. We were so excited that they turned out so adorable. Hoping the kids think so too!


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tainted with a positive view said...

Tina - those are adoreable and so very creative! I never would have thought of that.