Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Do You Think?

**added this photo today when the bird was on our roof. I just don't think there is any doubt that it is the same bird as the pic below!! (11/2/10)

OK...one of the above photos is off of the internet and the other is from my backyard. It is a bit blurry as I tried to zoom in quite a bit. But I think you can still get the idea.
Here is what happened: the other morning I was brushing the pool and a bird flew to the peak of our patio roof. It was a very different bird than I have seen around here before. We do get quite a few varieties with the irrigation. Anyway...I looked up and just then it started making the strangest noise. This bird call that sounded like something straight out of the jungle. My first thought was a Kookaburra. But I quickly dismissed that idea because they are only in Australia and New Guinea. It stayed there for a few minutes before flying to the telephone pole. I followed it and got some video. I ran inside to compare it to what I could find on the internet. Oddly enough it had the same look and the same sound as a Kookaburra. I still wasn't convinced.
A few days later he came back while John was working in the backyard. It actually dipped into our pool and then flew to the fence to preen itself. Wow! So I got more photos and a video which this time included the bird call.
So my question to you is....What do you think? Do these two birds look alike? Is it even possible? They aren't migrating birds so it would have had to escape from somewhere. They are in the Kingfisher family but I haven't found any kingfishers that look like this bird.

Tell me-What Do You Think?

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