Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joining In

So I decided to join in another Art Journal Session. This one is hosted by Rebecca and her friend Liz. I met Rebecca when she came to help Donna Downey out with her classes at the store here in Chandler. I was so excited when I read on Rebecca's blog that she was hosting some Art Journal Prompts. Just something fun and simple to share. So here is my take on Week #1. The prompt: What Bugs You? Use at least one stamped image or word.
I kept mine pretty simple and just went with what was on my mind. I focused on the positive and just wrote how I felt. I am happy with the outcome and am excited to share with the group. I know there will be some that are much more elaborate...but that's OK. I did it and that's what counts. Thanks Rebecca!


Diana said...

great artsy feel to this one! It's you--GREAT job!

FitterTwit said...

hahahahahha... spoken like a true stamper!!! Stampers LOVE the nail stamper system! LOL! And your journal ROCKS! Great job... AS ALWAYS! ;)

tmranch said...

It's perfect just the way it is!! So happy that you shared what you created.