Friday, October 15, 2010

Absolutely Amazing!

Our trip was absolutely amazing! The weather was gorgeous, the beaches were beautiful, the people were friendly and the excursions were a blast!

We tried to leave plenty of time to lounge on the beach and just relax. Lots of books were read and even I got a tan. :P Our trip to Paradise Island was so much fun! We were up early to catch the van. It took us 2 hours to get there. The scenery along the way was stunning. I loved seeing the small villages and the way the people lived. I must say they didn't have much but everyone was smiling and happy. We did not meet a single unpleasant person. Most everyone on the island traveled by motorcycle. Even families of 5 all rode on one bike. Or you would see a guy with a very large load of coconuts or bananas wrapped in burlap riding along the road. The driving was a little scary. When we went to Cozomel we rented a car and drove around the island....not here. They drove fast and fearlessly. I didn't see a single accident but I still wouldn't want to drive. Once we arrived at the beach we took a boat to Paradise Island. It was really a small sandbar in the middle of nowhere. Our only complaint was we were told that we couldn't bring our camera because the excursion was too wrong!!! Everyone had their cameras. So now that we are back we are anxiously awaiting photos from a couple in Scotland and a couples ladies from Canada. For now we rely on internet photos others have posted. We snorkeled and you felt like you were in an aquarium....gorgeous!!! The water was so crystal clear!
On the trip back we got a tour of the mangroves and then a ride through the jungle. We saw how tobacco was dried and rolled into cigars. And we got a chance to shop.

The views on the island were just beautiful. Every time you turned a corner there was a photo opportunity. From the beaches to the jungles to the simple life on the island. We loved it all.

Another excursion we took was the Zip Line! We took an open truck up into the jungle. Again the ride up to the spot was breathtaking. I guess we didn't realize how lush it would be on the island. Once there panic set in...I am not a big fan of heights or that feeling of falling. My thoughts were simple "What have I gotten myself into?!" But I did it and it only took a couple seconds to realize that I absolutely LOVED it! We were high up in the mountains, 100 ft off the ground and I loved it! I didn't brake once (thought for sure I would). We flew through the trees! By far my favorite part of the trip! So proud of myself for conquering a fear!

All in all the trip was a blast! We are glad to be home and grateful for the wonderful opportunity to get away together. We have memories to last a lifetime! Now that's what I call a Happy Birthday!! Wahoo!!!


Diana said...

what GORGEOUS pictures! Sounds like a BLAST!

FitterTwit said...

OMGosh... thanx! I got to live vicariously through you! You took some INCREDIBLE pix! Happy Birthday! :)