Sunday, January 11, 2009

Journals & Bookmarks ...Quick and Easy

My son had some friends that were leaving for grad school and wanted to give them journals. I suggested that I could make some for him. It would be less expensive and more personal. So...first off I purchased two journals from the dollar bin at Michaels. I added a shepherds hook used for crocheting (although that wasn't my purpose), some scrapbook paper, small wooden initials also $1 at Michaels, and ribbon. First off I took the books apart, careful not to bend the metal rings. Then since the books were red (all I could find) and I would be using colors that didn't coordinate, I decided to paint the edges that would show. See photo above.
Once that was dry, using a gluestick I covered both books with scrapbook paper in their favorite colors...both inside and out. Then I carefully put the books back together squeezing the rings together in a similar fashion to the "Zutter-Bind it All". I tied ribbon to each book and decorated the front with Diamond Glaze outlining the swirls on the paper. I topped them both off with the small wooden initials that I had painted with Stickles in colors to match each book. So quick and easy. Then to add to the gift I made them each bookmarks. I had made scrabble tile necklaces at Christmas time and took them apart....fastened the tile with wire to the shepherds hook...adding colorful beads that I had in my stash. Crimped them off and ta-da....they were complete. I think they turned out darling and I really hope the girls like them. Best part....far less expensive than if they had been purchased at Barnes & Noble as first planned.


Rebecca Tresler said...

I adore those bookmarks! I bet they will love those journals!

Julie said...

I'm liking your bookmarks! I have done journals before but take them all apart? Not me! How did you have the patience do go thru- all those pages lady! =) (Mine were hard cover with a spine! No need to take apart!)