Sunday, January 4, 2009

Learning Curve I had to wait a bit to write this post as yesterday I was just too flustered. Class at Paper Vineyard was going so well until it came time to bind the book together. For some reason I turned the pages and mis-aligned them. But as I told the ladies...I work hard to come up with the classes and had put the sample together with no problems...I would fix it. We all make mistakes and I promised to make it right. Which I did....we had to redo a few things but everyone walked out of class with a beautiful book. I still love the project. I plan to make one for myself too!
After a disappointing day teaching I spent the afternoon doubting myself and my ability to teach. More than anything I didn't want to let anyone down. This is scrapbooking, a hobby, and it is suppose to be fun. So I stepped back and took a deep breath and figured...ok, it was a learning experience. After crusing through a few blogs I found this and just loved it. It fit. Credit goes to Stephanie at Homegrown Hospitality. (you can refer to her blog in the column to the right) She does great work and you can tell she really truly loves her Lord.

Define your PURPOSE
and follow your DREAMS
one step at a time
Expect to stumble and
show GRACE should you fall
But get up...
continue to climb
and FOCUS on God's
PROMISE for us all.

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Rebecca Tresler said...

hugs! i am glad you found that and it helped you. you are a talented woman and shouldnt doubt your teaching skills!