Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thailand Goodies

My Aunt and Uncle were missionaries in Thailand for years. All of their boys grew up there. For Christmas this year they took their entire family back to visit. What an amazing trip. I think there were about 18 in the group that went. Awhile back I posted about a mini book that I was making for a friend in Thailand that had recently visited. Well my Aunt took the book with her in Dec and it was a hit! Yahoo. I am so glad that Jane is happy with it. As a thank you, Jane sent back goodies for me. Oh my goodness! I was so excited to receive these wonderful things. She is such a kind & generous person. The photo shows all of the things she sent. I received a set of four silk cards that will find their way to way are they going to be used to write on. They are just too beautiful. I am sure they will find a home in my scrap room on the wall. (I will post that when I get them up) The next thing that was sent was a beautiful silk bag. It is just a little clutch and oh so pretty! I love it. My mom received soaps from a Thai spa that smell wonderful. She shared them with me and one of the bars is included in the photo. Wish you could smell it. :) A big thank you to Jane for all the wonderful goodies. That was so sweet of you! And so very appreciated. Thank you!

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sherry said...

Wow beautiful notecards. I agree with you they will be wonderful framed. And the little clutch purse just perfect for a date night:)
You are so lucky to receiev such special gifts