Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flower Power

A Sweet 16 Birthday Party is where we are headed today. And you know at that age all they really want is ca$h. So..I found this idea on Nora Griffin's blog. Super cute and super easy.

First off gather your items:
* scrap paper
* 3 nesting punches (could be round, scalloped, flowers or mixed-up)
* floral wire
* masking tape
* ink (color of your choice)
* wooden skewers
* buttons
* paper piercer
* wire cutters
* scissors

Punch out three sizes for each flower. Crinkle the flowers and then ink the edges. Matching the holes on your buttons; use a paper piercer to poke holes in the center of each layer of your flower. Fasten them together with wire using a button for the middle. Twist to secure. Once they were together I cut a few notches on each flower and bent them a bit to add some dimension.

Repeat this for each flower you want to make. I made "16" since that was the theme for the party today. Now fasten each flower to a wooden skewer. I wrapped the wire around the skewer and taped it with a small bit of masking tape on the back. It doesn't look perfect but that's ok with me.

Now it is time to wrap the ca$h around each flower stem. Secure with a small bow.
You get the idea.

I painted a small can and added polka dots to put the flower bouquet in. At the bottom of the can is a small square of floral foam. Once the flowers are poked into the foam and arranged to your liking you can top it off with some shredded paper for a cute effect. Tie a bow around the can and you are good to go! Very easy and really cute! Give it a try!

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